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Travis Hoban

“As your state representative, I am dedicated to championing the right policies that propel our State towards its full potential. I fervently advocate for the issues that matter most to you, striving to enact legislation that enriches our community while expanding freedom and opportunity for all.”

There are too many State Legislators who don’t understand how their legislation impacts our cities. They have never served in City government. And there are too many state legislators putting special interest groups above the concerns of their constituents and the cities they represent. I have the legislative experience and the conservative track record to ensure that the priorities of the people of Provo and Orem are represented at the state level.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our country faces an economic crisis exacerbated by unsustainable government spending and burdensome regulations, driving up inflation and escalating costs of essentials like food, energy, and housing, which directly impact property taxes and service delivery expenses. As your representative, I am committed to safeguarding Utah from following this detrimental path.

I recognize that the state budget belongs to the people, and I’ve supported measures to enhance efficiency in local government. I vow to champion policies that empower Utahns to retain more of their earnings.


My father was a teacher, my mother was a teacher, and my wife is a licensed educator working at Provo High School. As a parent of five children currently attending local schools, I understand education is a cornerstone of our society, and decisions regarding education should primarily rest with parents, with support from teachers and administrators.

I firmly believe that policy considerations in our public schools must prioritize the family’s role in education. Empowering parents through educational choice, ensures that every child has access to a quality education tailored to their needs, fostering responsible and contributing members of society.

Utah’s teachers are among the finest in the nation, deserving of ample compensation and support. Recognizing the critical role teachers play, I am committed to providing them with the resources and autonomy needed to excel. This includes supporting legislation that grants teachers more control over their classrooms, prioritizing training and mentorship for beginning teachers, and respecting their expertise in evaluating and enhancing educational practices.

Together, through collaborative efforts among legislators, school districts, and citizens, we can address the challenges facing Utah’s education system and provide every child with the opportunity for a prosperous future.


As our State experiences unprecedented growth, it falls upon us to steer Utah’s growth in the right direction, safeguarding our values and prioritizing the needs of our residents. Our neighborhoods, schools, churches, families, and community members deserve nothing less. We must make wise investments in infrastructure, uphold private property rights and local zoning laws, while also championing sustainable housing initiatives to address affordability.

Government Accountability

Effective governance is characterized by its transparency and accessibility. It is essential to maintain and enhance regulations for open meetings, ensure budgetary accountability, and enforce stringent oversight and reporting for government spending.


Utah’s status as the most economically prosperous state didn’t materialize overnight; it’s the result of deliberate policies prioritizing low taxes, fostering a business-friendly environment, and developing an educated workforce. I applaud these efforts and pledge to uphold and advance similar policies.

As your representative, I will collaborate with businesses to eliminate unnecessary governmental barriers and uphold Utah’s economic excellence. I will combat wasteful spending and advocate for low taxes, minimal regulations, and streamlined government, which are catalysts for economic development, innovation, and growth.

Family Values

The family unit is the cornerstone of society. Utah’s focus should be on policies that fortify family integrity. Strong family units lead to reduced dependency on government services, improved educational outcomes, and fewer societal issues. It’s important to honor and promote the diverse cultural heritage that strengthens the familial bonds within our community.

Health Care

The complexity and cost of health care today are overwhelming. Utah is positioned to pioneer streamlined medical billing processes, innovative patient cost transparency, and support strategies that make prescriptions more affordable. Simultaneously, we should advocate for health programs that incentivize and reward preventive care and healthy living.